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Introduce a touch of luxury to your bedroom with our TV beds, equipped with high-quality LED screens at the foot of the bed. Experience cutting-edge LG TVs featuring smart, 4K Ultra HD technology, designed to revolutionize your bedroom into a statement of modern living. Explore our collection of tech beds, including models with wireless speaker control and easy-to-use remote functionalities for the ultimate convenience.

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How Do TV Beds Function?

Our TV beds incorporate a seamlessly built-in TV within the footboard, easily controlled with a remote to raise or lower as you wish. For hassle-free setup, these beds require connection to a mains outlet, ensuring you consider placement relative to power sources in your bedroom planning.

Featured Technologies

Each TV bed in our range is WiFi enabled and includes HDMI ports, allowing you to connect to your favorite streaming services and enjoy endless entertainment. Delight in the built-in Bluetooth sound system, eliminating the need for additional devices. With features like USB sockets and speakers integrated into the headboard, our TV beds are crafted to be the pinnacle of bedroom entertainment, ensuring your devices are fully charged and ready to go each morning.

Storage Solutions and More

Despite the luxury, TV beds from Ambassador Beds are also practical, offering significant storage options. Our ottoman TV beds reveal ample storage space beneath the mattress, merging sophistication with utility and saving the need for a separate TV stand. With interest-free finance options available on purchases over £500, upgrading your bedroom has never been easier or more accessible.

Tech Gaming Beds

For gaming enthusiasts or those seeking more than a traditional TV bed, our Drift gaming bed is the perfect solution. Beyond the standard TV bed features, it includes LED lighting, storage for gaming consoles, and headset hanging space, alongside a matching side table for controller charging. Ideal for gaming nights or binge-watching sessions, this bed is a gamer's dream come true.

Adjustable Tech Beds

Our beds, or adjustable tech beds, offer unparalleled support for different body parts, easing pains and enhancing blood circulation for a restful night's sleep. These beds are especially suited for individuals with joint pain or mobility challenges, available in sizes from small single to super king.

Choosing Your TV & Tech Bed Size

While single-size TV beds are not available due to the integrated technology, we offer a wide array of sizes in our tech and smart bed collections, ensuring there's a perfect fit for every space and requirement, from double to king and super king sizes. Embrace the fusion of luxury, comfort, and technology with Ambassador Beds' TV and tech beds.

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