Spring Bedroom Interior Design Trends

Apr 26 , 2022

Amjid Ali

Spring Bedroom Interior Design Trends

Spring is here and we’re getting ready for those lighter nights and brighter mornings! At Ambassador Beds, we like to stay ahead of the trends when it comes to bedroom interior design. From our fabric choices to our statement bed frames, we want to help our customers get the most out of their bedrooms, whatever the season. In this blog, we’re going to take a look at some of the most popular Spring bedroom trends for 2022 and how you can incorporate them into your home!

Style is Comfort


If we learned anything from 2020, it’s that our homes need to be a place where we feel safe and comfortable. Comfort has always been a consideration when it comes to bedroom decor, however, now it’s a priority for many looking to create their own sanctuary at home. Taking inspiration from the Scandinavian Hygge movement, Spring 2022 is all about emphasising relaxation and wellness in the bedroom. From layers of soft, luxurious textiles to cosy throw pillows, warm neutral shades and accessories, this trend is all about creating a space where you instantly forget about what is happening outside. The colour palette is all about calmness so expect to see sage green, taupe, soft creams and even bolder warm accents such as terracotta and burnt orange making an appearance. 

Statement headboards


We started to see bold headboards creeping onto designer mood boards in 2021 and in Spring 2022, they’re fully taking over. Statement headboards combine size and style to create a stunning focal point in any bedroom. For many, the headboard has become the starting point when pulling together a bedroom scheme and with so many showstopping designs available, we can see why. Dreamy arches, statement panelling detail and glamorous crystal detailing are all making an appearance in the new ‘mega headboards’. At Ambassador Beds, we’ve been aboard this train for a long time and our spectacular tall headboards have become a popular feature with those creating a bespoke bed. To really nail this trend, opt for luxurious fabrics such as velvet as well as timeless style details like our incredible Art Deco-inspired bed frame

Biophilic Design


Whether you’ve heard of biophilic design before, or you’re new to the term, chances are you will have already experienced this style in the home. Biophilic design follows the concept of biophilic architecture, which simply means embracing nature and the outside world. So, how can we bring this trend into the bedroom in 2022? First of all, it’s time to embrace all things natural, from house plants to natural colour schemes and an abundance of good natural daylight. Plants are known to help cleanse the air and help boost our mental state, so having houseplants in the bedroom will ensure you’re waking up in a positive environment. Exposed brick wall features paired with striking white bedding, curtains and rugs will all help bring this trend together and accentuate the natural beauty of your greenery.

Sustainable Living


Another trend that’s certainly not new, but one that is becoming increasingly important to interior design; sustainability is key in 2022. When decorating the bedroom, many are turning to eco-friendly materials for their bedding, soft furnishings, curtains and more. This does not have to mean compromising on comfort or quality! Instead, sustainable materials such as organic cotton, recycled fabrics, TENCEL lyocell and bamboo are all becoming popular picks for those looking to make more environmentally friendly purchases. Updated and upcycled furniture is also integral to this trend, with many opting for second-hand purchases for bedroom furniture.

The Return of the Statement Wall


While bold feature walls may seem like a trend that’s been and gone, 2022 is seeing a resurgence in statement design features - especially in the bedroom. Instead of covering the whole space with patterned wallpaper, Spring 2022 is all about creating eye-catching features, whether it’s a full wall, or decorating an alcove or doorway with an exuberant pattern. While we are moving away from the tropical, jungle and geometric prints that reigned supreme in 2019, botanical prints and exotic flora, foliage and retro prints are still popular choices. If choosing a bold statement wallpaper, we recommend pairing it with a neutral coloured bed frame to create a stunning focal point for the room. Accentuate the colours in the wallpaper prints through scatter cushions rugs and more to really bring this scheme together. 

At Ambassador Beds, we’re constantly adding new bed frame designs to our expansive collection - perfect for matching to your chosen decor style. We also offer bespoke design services to help you create something that’s truly unique, get in in touch to find out more.