How to cool your bedroom during a heatwave

Jul 12 , 2022

Amjid Ali

How to cool your bedroom during a heatwave

When we’re in the midst of a heatwave, trying to get a good night's sleep can seem impossible! UK homes are typically not designed for the heat, so when the temperatures start to rise, it’s important to try and keep your bedroom cool. If you’ve already beat the crowds to buy a fan you’ve probably also tried the many ‘hacks’ that are doing the rounds. From putting ice cubes in front of the fan to positioning it near an open window, these are all great ideas until you’re lying awake at 2am trying not to wake up the rest of the house!

In order to get a great night’s sleep, your body needs to cool itself down. This is why millions of us spend hours awake and restless during a summer heatwave, so we’ve asked the sleep experts at Ambassador Beds for their tried and tested tips for beating the heat!

1. Keep curtains and blinds drawn 

Blocking out the light from your bedroom is the first step to cooling the space. Keep all curtains and blinds shut during the day, or install blackout blinds for optimal light blocking. A south-facing bedroom will absorb more heat during the day, so it does pay to invest in thicker curtains or blinds as these will help regulate the temperature in the room. Shutters or wooden Venetian blinds are both great options for bedrooms, they allow you to adjust the amount of light that enters the space while the wood acts as a heat conductor to keep warm air at bay. 

Did you know? Your lights and appliances can generate a significant amount of heat. During the summer months, take the time to turn these off when not in use.

2. Try and promote good airflow

It’s always tempting to open all of the windows in the house during a heatwave, but this could encourage warm air to accumulate in your home. It’s important to factor in where the sun is facing before opening windows. We advise waiting till the sun sets before opening your bedroom window, this will ensure that cooler air starts to flow through the room rather than stagnant warm air that could build up all day. 

Warm air rises, so if you’re able to open an attic hatch or skylight, this can help move warm air out of the house.

3 Invest in summer sheets

Your bed sheets can make all the difference to your sleep quality so it’s a great idea to switch to what we call ‘summer sheets’. It’s tempting to try and make your bed as comfy as possible, however, thick synthetic sheets, blankets and duvets are likely to end up on the floor during the summer months! We advise looking for sheets made from natural materials such as pure cotton. Not only are these sheets naturally breathable, but they will also help regulate your temperature while you sleep. Switching to a natural fabric during the summer will also ensure you have a cool surface to sleep on, keeping you fresh all night long. As well as your sheets, it’s important to make sure that your duvet is summer-ready, too! A light 4.5 tog is ideal for the hotter months. 

4. Add greenery to your bedroom

As well as looking great, houseplants can also play a big part in ensuring quality sleep. Houseplants can help keep your bedroom cool in the summer by consuming hot air. When the temperatures start to rise, plants release excess moisture into the air from their leaves. This not only helps to cool the plants but also cools the air around them. Some of the best options for bedroom houseplants include palms, rubber plants and Chinese Evergreens. We’ll see you at the garden centre!

5. Choose the right mattress 

Finally, it could be time to consider switching your mattress if you’re struggling to sleep during the summer. We’re already examined when is the best time to change your mattress, however, if you’re adding overheating to an already long list of mattress woes - it’s time to upgrade! For optimal results, we advise choosing a mattress that has a high natural filling content. These mattresses are naturally hypoallergenic and can help keep you cooler at night. Memory foam mattresses are another great option for those looking for the perfect summer sleeping base, this leading technology helps regulate your temperature to ensure a relaxing night’s sleep. 

Fingers crossed for cooler nights and uninterrupted sleep! To upgrade your sleeping experience why not take a look at our collection of modern crushed velvet beds in a range of on-trend colours? With something to suit bedrooms of all styles and sizes, you can get ready for a summer of rest and rejuvenation.