Feng Shui bed positioning in order of Priority

May 26 , 2021

Amjid Ali

Feng Shui bed positioning in order of Priority

Beds are very important in the ancient art of Feng Shui as they represent your energy due to the amount of time we spend asleep. During sleep you are in a state of passive YIN and more susceptible to the energies around you .

Therefore when starting Feng Shui always start with your bed placement.

The ideal position in the bedroom is called the 'Commanding' position when you're lying in bed you want to be able to see the door but not directly in line with it.

If this is not possible it can always be corrected by the use of a free standing mirror.

  • Never point the foot of your bed towards the door.
  • Don't sleep with your head too close to the doorway as there is too much Chi energy in that area and can lead to headaches.
  • Don't place the bed floating in the middle of a room its always best against a solid wall.
  • Try not to have the bed against a window but this isn't a major priority.
  • Try and have space on both sides of the bed this allows a balance of Ying and Yang.
  • Avoid beams or sloped ceilings as they create pressure if this is unavoidable drape some fabric on the ceiling to minimize the impact. As we can customize all of our beds speak to us about customizing the headboard height to make it smaller .