Child’s Mattress Buying Guide

Jun 15 , 2022

Amjid Ali

Child’s Mattress Buying Guide

Sleep is incredibly important to children, with little ones needing an average of 12 hours a night! In order to support their growing bodies, it’s vital that their sleeping environment is as supportive as possible, including their mattress. With so much choice available, it can be difficult to find the right kids mattress for your child, so we’ve asked the Ambassador Beds sleep experts for their top tips on finding the right one for you. 

When should I buy a child’s mattress?

Unfortunately, they don’t stay babies for long. Making the switch from a cot to a big bed can be difficult for both the parent and the child. It’s a milestone event that highlights that they really are growing up. There is no solid answer for when you should switch to a mattress, however, experts believe that anywhere between 18 and 36 months is a good rule to follow. 

Do I need to replace my child’s mattress?

Just like an adult mattress, it is important to keep an eye on the wear and tear of a kid’s mattress. The National Bed Federation recommends changing an adult mattress every 7 years, however, for children, it’s recommended to do this even earlier. Children need ample support when sleeping and any signs of wear and tear could suggest that their spine is not as supported as it should be. 

Of course, children do tend to grow very quickly! Which can lead to having to replace their mattress sooner than you think. As a rule of thumb, when children are between the ages of 3-10 you should replace the mattress every 3 years. As children become teenagers, we recommend switching the mattress every 5 years. 

What is the best mattress for children?

There’s no one size fits all answer to this question. All children have different needs and sleep preference is no exception. Their age, height and weight will all play a part in finding the right mattress for them, especially when it comes to firmness and how the mattress is sprung. We advise opting for a standard single mattress rather than a small single, this will ensure you don’t need to replace it as soon as they have a growth spurt!

Their sleeping position will also play a part in choosing the right mattress for your child. A memory foam mattress is ideal for those that sleep on their sides as they will have a softer surface to rest on. Those that sleep on their backs will need extra spinal support, making a spring mattress a great choice. If your little ones sleep on their front, a firm mattress is a must to ensure proper spine alignment. 

Does firmness matter when buying a child’s mattress?

In short, yes! Although it is tempting to go for a soft mattress that your children can sink into. A firm mattress is actually better for their overall growth and development. Growing children need spinal support as they sleep, as correct spine alignment is key to healthy growth. A firm mattress is actually more vital for a child than an adult as they navigate through this constantly changing time!

If you notice that your child’s mattress is starting to sink or sag, it’s a sign that they need a firmer mattress. A medium-firm option is usually the best choice for a child’s bed. 

How can I protect the mattress from ‘accidents’?

Accidents happen, especially with younger children. Bed-wetting or spills are a common occurrence, so it’s important that your chosen mattress is protected. Many children’s mattresses come with waterproof properties, protecting the mattress without detracting from the comfort. We recommend looking for a mattress with these properties as well as adding a mattress protector for extra peace of mind. 

What is the best mattress type for children?

There’s a wide range of kids' mattress options available, with the most popular being memory foam and pocket sprung. Over the years, memory foam mattresses have become a bestselling option thanks to their contouring effect, while pocket spring designs are ideal for those needing tailored support. 

Kid’s Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses use technology to offer the right amount of support to pressure points in the body. This type of mattress moulds to the shape of the body to provide a comfortable sleeping position, ideal for children who are restless during the night. Memory foam kids mattresses are a great choice for growing children, as the technology will help develop bones and joints while reducing pressure as they grow stronger. We recommend a memory foam mattress for older children, rather than toddlers. If you notice that your child’s memory foam mattress is sagging, it is a sign that they need a firmer option. 

Kid’s Pocket Sprung Mattresses

A pocket sprung mattress will offer ample support, comfort and motion control for your child. This type of mattress stops the body from sinking deeper into the base, offering tailored support to pressure points and supporting sensitive growing bones and joints. Pocket sprung mattress designs are a great choice for those wanting additional spinal support without compromising on comfort. We recommend a pocket sprung mattress for children who tend to sleep on their front or back.

Find the perfect children’s mattress for your little one at Ambassador Beds today, as well as a wide range of single beds and children’s bed frames to suit their needs.

For more information on choosing the right mattress, why not take a look at our mattress care guide? Alternatively, get in touch with a member of the team for help and advice.